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We are a leading provider of system and IT solutions that collaborates with you to build on foundations of excellence. We connect your environments with expertise and a common desire to grow.

Who we are

27 years of experience in the field of integrated systems and solutions

The company LANCom was founded in 1990. We started with small deployments of networks with the vision of building a system house. More and more companies realized the advantages that local networks and open systems were offering. Our mission is to understand the needs of users and recruit the best staff. Today we are a provider of integrated systems, solutions and our self-developed software for the Slovenian and foreign markets. We complement the offering of IT solutions and services with our own Examination Center and the organization of expert meetings and consultations for business partners and the interested public.
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What we offer

We advise, plan, build and maintain comprehensive system and information solutions, and develop our own software in cooperation with the world's leading providers of information technology.

Business informatics

We digitalize your business processes.

We offer comprehensive assistance in managing your business processes - from their identification to final integration into existing business streams.

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We advise, plan, build and maintain!

Let us take care of your IT infrastructure in whole or in part, as we already did for a large number of satisfied users.

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We offer high-quality and affordable professional services!

We take full care of service and maintenance of your hardware, such as stationary and portable computers, printers, monitors and other devices.

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“We guarantee that with us you will get the best that the market has to offer. We want to be good, the best, we want to be at the top, along with you. And we would like to be your friends.”

Director of LANCom

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