Power BI is a collection of programming services, applications and installations, which bind together your unconnected data sources into a coherent, visually immersive and interactive entirety. Your business data thus become an excel spreadsheet or a collection of hybrid data storages in cloud and local area. To put it simply – Power BI enables you a simple connection of your data sources, visualization and creation of the most important analytical reports that can be shared with whomever, whenever and wherever.

Power BI includes:
  • Windows desktop application, called Power BI desktop;
  • Online service SaaS (Software as a service);
  • Power BI mobile application for Windows, iOS and Android.

These three elements are designed in a way that enable you and your co-workers quick creations, easy common usage and allows insight into business results in the most efficient way. The fourth element – Power BI server – enables you to publish reports in the local server, behind the fire wall of your organization, without moving it to the cloud.

Wide Usage Spectre for Every Department of the Organization
Way of usage can be based differently, depending on which function or service is the best tool for your needs. You can for example use Power BI desktop to create reports about your customers’ cooperation statistics for your team, or you can view supplies and production growth in real time in Power BI service. In the mobile app, you can enable insight into sales growth and current details about sales results. Every part of Power BI platform is available to you whenever, which makes this solution such an attractive and important part of organizations.

Why You Need Power BI for More Successful Business Performance
It is a fact that we live in a culture which revolves around data, where business decisions are based upon facts, and not opinions. To reach these decisions we need important and strategic information – but those are mostly obtained from various forms of reports, spreadsheets, e-mails or even printed handouts. When the information piles up, it becomes more difficult to quickly find what we need (presuming of course that information isn’t necessarily the newest).

Allow us to (with this solution) not only make your job easier but also to encourage it for better results. Let all the disarranged information become graphs, showcasing your data for you. Instead of long lists or charts with numbers and words will your insights into data be more vibrant and convincing visual information that tells your story of success.

Data Cannot be ‘Damaged’
Browsing contents is completely safe; when you filter, cut, export or import data you can be completely without worry – if anything goes wrong, your work won’t affect the main collection of data or the first contents in shared usage (desktop, reports and apps). However, this does not mean that you cannot save new changes – you can, but these changes affect only your insight into contents. A single button stands in the way on returning to default look. Power BI is thus an excellent system for researching and experimenting, because you do not have to worry that you will cause any “damage”.

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