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Our story

DI has always been in LANCom's DNA. During the last twenty years, it has brought countless business partners and vendors from all over the world into the European IT market. In 2008, they developed own passenger information system, which has been on the global market for 11 years and has since been implemented in Russia, Northern Macedonia, Slovenia, Ethiopia and Turkey.

As it expanded, LANCom decided to partner with Janez Podobnik, former Slovenian Minister for Environment and Spatial Planning and former EU Parliament member. During his time in politics, Mr Podobnik advised local and foreign governments on issues such as global trade, FDI and environmental policies. His experience and track record in bringing FDI into several countries on the Balkan peninsula is second-to-none and he has since become a key LANCom adviser.

We listen to you first

We prepare our strategy by using an established methodology that we adapt to each client to bring better results.
Every step is documented and its performance measured.

Our motto is: »underpromise and overdeliver.«

Our expertise



We provide:

  • audit of current performance,
  • identify value chain gaps,
  • sales course to improve staff's competencies for better sales and promotion of local businesses,
  • setting up marketing campaigns for purposes of brand building.


We provide an aggresive strategy to deliver value at each stage of the process: 

  • identifying and collecting information on markets in Central and East Europe,
  • accessing, selecting and aligning interest of local business partners,
  • establishing and forming business on the ground with PPP, BOT, DBFO, 
  • direct access and negotiating with decision makers for incentives, tax holidays, 
  • finding strategic locations for business expansion, 
  • providing legal services along with setting up new company office (HR, recruiting).


Our advisors are available

Consulting / Questions / Advice / Help

Miha Jurgec

Miha Jurgec

Ever since he inherited LANCom, Miha’s efforts have been focused towards driving sales and getting new business partners into LANCom’s business network. After years of ‘unofficial’ FDI work, he has now helped expand this new exciting direction to help LANCom become an FDI player in the global field. | +386 2 33 00 130