Privacy policy

We value your privacy and are extremely diligent with ensuring the protection and privacy of all of your data, so you can be confident that your details are secure. We will never sell, rent or disclose your personally identifiable information to outside parties for their own marketing purposes without your consent.

As a valued client, the privacy of the details we collect is as important to us as it is to you. That is why it is important for us that we are transparent; letting you know what we do with the data we collect and how we use it.

The following are the details and explanations of the Lancom privacy policy to protect your rights and interests. We encourage you to read this policy to ensure you understand our privacy practices.

At the LANCom d.o.o. company we use the data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which deal with the personal data processing, insurance procedures and measures that include responsibility and control during personal data processing.

The website operator and the owner of the domain (also the provider) is the LANCom d.o.o. company, Tržaška cesta 63, 2000 Maribor.

The provider of the website analyses the following data: Name and surname (contact person), company's name (for companies), job, telephone number (mobile/ stationary), email address and possible other information that the user voluntarily gives to the company.

The provider analyses IP addresses of the devices, with the help of which users access the website. The provider uses cookies that help him recognize users, however, they do not identify users, which means that based on the given information, it is not possible to find out the name, surname and other identification data about the user. This technical data is used for measuring and improving the effectiveness of the website, for helping with the identification of server issues and for managing the website, so that we can see, how often the website is visited and who our users are.

The data that gets processed, based on the filled out online forms

Based on the filled out online forms, the following user data gets stored:

1. E-news sign-up ( )
Consists of:

  •  E-mail

2. Contact form ( )
Consists of:

  •  Name and surname

  •  E-mail

  •  Message

3. Application for an event
Consists of:

  • Name and surname

  • Company

  • Job

  • E-mail

  • Telephone number

  • Message

4. File transfer.
Consists of:

  • E-mail

5. Test Application (

  • Consists of:

  • Name and surname

  • E-mail

  • Company

  • ID number

  • Telephone number

  • Address

  • Information about the test

  • Preferred test date

The data is stored for at least 6 months.

The purpose of data processing

The provider will use the collected user data explicitly for following purposes:

  • For sending supply information, based on the received demand;

  • for preparing the answers to received questions send to

  • for managing all of our services that you choose;

  • for keeping the records of clients;

  • for informing about novelties or supply of the LANCom d.o.o. company, Tržaška cesta 63, 2000 Maribor;

  • for informing about events and conferences of the LANCom d.o.o. company, Tržaška cesta 63, 2000 Maribor;

  • for sending occasional e-mails (if the user wants to receive our e-mails) about our website, sales and special offers that are connected with services, products and invitations to events and conferences that are offered by the LANCom d.o.o. company, Tržaška cesta 63, 2000 Maribor;

  • for maintaining and servicing the software and desk equipment;

  • for delivery of ordered products/ information;

  • for notifying about the sent job application;

  • for keeping the records of the users that download additional content from the website;

  • for applying for the Kryterion in Pearson Vue tests.

Legal basis for processed personal data:

  • Your consent – by agreeing with the privacy policy, you let us use your data for the purposes that are listed above.

  • Contract – if you decide to collaborate with our company via a contract, we will have to process your data to ensure a proper service of your order.

Data forwarding

The provider will not forward the data to third parties, unless:

  • In the case of delivery (if the delivery company will deliver our merchandise).

As a user of our website (subscriber that is a natural person) you are informed about and can ask at any time for the LANCom d.o.o. company to:

  • Verify, if your data is being processed or not and we can enable you to get insight into your personal data, as well as if the data is being copied.

  • Enable the insight into the personal data catalogue or the records of the processed personal data.

  • Forward the copy of the personal data that is a part of the personal data collection and that applies to you.

  • Forward the list of users, which have received the personal data, as well as when and why they received it.

  • Give information about sources, on which the personal data collection is based and how the data is being processed.

  • Give information about the purpose of the process and the type of personal data that is being processed, as well as all the explanations regarding this issue.

  • Explain technical or logical-technical procedures that are being used in the case of automatized process of the individual's personal data.

As a user of our website (subscriber that is a natural person) you are informed about the fact that according to the Personal Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the following rights:

  • That the use of your personal data is limited in following cases:

    • if you disagree with data accuracy (the data processing is limited to the period, in which we can check the accuracy of the personal data);

    • if the data processing is illegal and instead of deleting your data, you just want to limit the use of it).

    • as a personal data operator, we do not need more than you give us, but you need it for processing, execution or defence of legal claims;

    • in case you file an appeal regarding data processing, until it can be checked that the legal reasons of the operator are more convincing than yours.

  • That we will correct your personal data in our files (LANCom is obligated to correct your incorrect personal data and you also have (while considering processing purposes) a right to supplement the incomplete personal data and this also includes the statement about supplementation;

  • that the personal data gets erased (and »forgotten«) if you don't want your personal data to be processed and if there is no legal ground for them to be stored or processed, you can demand that they get erased immediately, which is possible in the case of following reasons (except for legal exceptions):

    • your personal data is not needed for the purposes, for which they were initially collected and processed;

    • you can cancel the consent, based on which the data is being processed and when there is no other legal ground for the data processing;

    • you can object to processing, if there are no particular legal reasons or you can object (at any time), when the personal data is used for direct marketing purposes.

    • your data has been processed illegally;

    • your data needs to be erased because of the legal obligation in accordance with the law of the Republic of Slovenia;

    • your personal data has been stored regarding a specific supply.

  • that you are familiar with the retention period of your personal data;

  • that you are aware you have a right to the legal meanssubmission of an appeal;

  • that you have a right to personal data portability (applies only to data that is automatically processed).

These rights do not relieve you from obligations you have according to terms and conditions or a contract you have with the LANCom d.o.o. company.