Crystal Portal

A web portal that allows the integration and administration of existing Crystal Reports.

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How it works

LANCom CRP (Crystal Portal) is a web-based platform that enables the overview and management of Crystal Reports from a single entry point.

It consists of modules for setting fields, access rights, management of dynamic input parameters and the recording of parameters entered above each report separately.



If we say that Crystal Reports is the "de facto" tool for the preparation of reports, then the link to the Crystal web portal is like icing on the cake!


Standard or domain (Active Directory) sign-in. The only thing needed is a web browser, making it easy to distribute reports to end users.


Setting access, fields and default parameters for a particular user or group of users.


A dynamic range of input parameters (capturing value through SQL queries), at the level of fields, the document or the user.


Easy allocation of access rights at the level of the fields, reports, or the user (copying rights between individual reports).


It ensures that all users possess the same version of each report.


Insight into the history of access to reports and review of the parameter outputs by users (audit).

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