LANCom’s International Partner Program.

Partner Program

LANCom’s International Partner Program has been designed to help differentiate transport-oriented companies in a crowded field, create mutually beneficial relationships, provide local support and expertise to worldwide customers and deliver valuable solutions.

LANCom PIS in Russia


The goal of the project was to implement remote passenger notification system for Russian railways, jointly with our partner Iskratel. During the initial phase of the project, a server system has been deployed to four stations covering remote operation management, LED display notifications and automatic audio announcement in multiple languages synchroniously.

The second phase added additional stations to the existing environment. There were some custom integrations needed to be done for this project, for example calculating delays from IUS telegrams received from the central servers in Moscow is one of them. Documentation, project management and a comprehensive partner training followed the successfull implementation of the LANCom PIS in Russia!


Considering buying new passenger information system solution?


An increasing number of private and public entities are migrating to new passenger information systems, as they offer a robust solution with equivalent performance to other proprietary systems but at a much lower cost. LANCom is ready to share best practices with organisations wishing to deploy LANCom PIS. We have extensive experience helping partners in Europe and worldwide. LANCom can help to meet this growing demand by supporting organisations who are inviting requests for tender.