Data warehouse

Has your company accumulated a vast amount of data over the years and does not know what to do with this information?
In it lies huge potential!

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Building a data warehouse

The data warehouse holds data created over a longer period of time from various data sources. We build it for the purpose of producing analytical reports and business intelligence, which is crucial for decision making in the company.


Quick and easy access to important data from anywhere and at any time.


Quick and easy overview of the business and financial developments within the organization and multi-level data security.


Very easy report generation and data analysis.


Quick and easy access to important data from anywhere and at any time.


Data visualization and integration with existing systems.

Help and consulting

We offer project planning, ETL of the process and filling of the data warehouse.
We build OLAP cubes, reports and dashboards, take care of training the users, maintenance and further development of the data warehouse.

PowerPivot for Excel and Sharepoint

Microsoft Excel is one of the most common and well-established tools for review and analysis. In combination with PowerPivot it provides a very powerful analytical platform.


It allows you to create reports that draw on data from various sources (data warehouse, transactional database and web). PowerPivot is a powerful tool that enables the processing and review of massive amounts of data.


A widely known and well-established tool.


The concepts of pivot tables, filters, and dynamic dashboards.


Drilling into the depts (drill-down analysis).


Publication of reports on the intranet (SharePoint Portal).


Automatic refreshing of data in the reports.

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