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Now is the perfect time to take control of the information and documents in your company. The amount of data is greater today than ever, so working with documents is especially important.

How it works

Companies that are trying to keep up are increasingly recognizing that inefficient storage of documents induces costs, loss of time, productivity and consequently diminishes their competitiveness in the market. Employees spend more time searching for information and less time for work that actually brings the company revenue.


By reducing paper consumption and preserving more trees,
you will have a positive impact on the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


Using the Document management system also affects employee productivity, enabling faster search, access, distribution and validation of electronic documents, and search through account metadata or content.


High cost savings in copying and document printing and distribution. Savings are also reflected in reduced consumption of other supplies.


Define business processes with document management. Liquidation or authorization of documents in electronic form, without running around the office.


Data is safe in the Document management system. Access is enabled depending on the user rights. There are no more chances for loss or destruction of documents at the wrong time.


Save processed documents in the e-Archive, which allows the destruction of the physical document. We can provide linkage with all major e-Archive providers.

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We are official representatives of IBM ECM document management system. 

Collaborate in the cloud

Collaborate in the cloud

The IBM document management system allows the company to find additional value in its documentation. Participation in the cloud, editing of records, assigning tasks, document capture, improving productivity... IBM ECM is a comprehensive solution designed for large and small companies that will surely cover each process you can define in your company.

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