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The business solutions that we offer ensure the smooth operation of your organization and help you manage your whole business process, which is performed daily in your working environment.

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What we offer

We offer help in managing your business processes - from their identification to integration into existing business flows and their computerization.

Consulting and introduction of IT solutions

Consulting and introduction of IT solutions

We analyze your business processes, proposing IT solutions and tailoring them to your needs. We educate and introduce users to the world of information technology.


You have an idea but don’t have a solution?

According to your wishes we develop web, desktop, mobile and other applications based on good practices. We take care of the integration of workflows in your information system and data exchange between flows (e.g. e-orders, e-invoices, etc.).


Management, maintenance and upgrades

With us you are in good hands, we always find the right solution!

Management, maintenance and upgrades

We analyze the existing situation and plan for the desired. We optimize business processes based on key performance indicators for improving the functioning of the organization and reduce operating costs.


During the use of the information system, which we implemented at your company, we care for its smooth operation, complementarity functionality, bug fixes, and respond to users' questions.


To help you keep up we regularly update the software.

Our advisors are available

Consulting / Questions / Advice / Help

Saša Pipenbaher

Saša Pipenbaher

Saša leads a 16-member team of consultants and IT developers at LANCom. Over the years, they have successfully implemented IT solutions in Slovenian companies, as well as achieved success on the global market with our own products. As a consultant for IT solutions, he has specialized in finance, controlling and accounting. He will be happy to assist you in making the right choice! | +386 2 33 00 231