Data backup

Reliable data protection is a crucial feature of our information systems.

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What we offer

Reliable solutions, consisting of hardware and software for data recovery.;

Data protection is crucial in our information systems. In order not to get a headache when we need to restore the data, we need a reliable solution. In recent years, the approach in this area has changed considerably - mainly due to the expansion of server virtualization and the continued growth of volumes of data.

Unlike in past times, when only tape drives were relevant, today it is important that the information can be recovered quickly (RTO) and without delay (RPO), which necessitates the use of modern methods.

Avoid data loss

Don’t let unforeseen events make you worry. Take preventive measures and avoid the potential loss of your data which can be caused by various factors (human error, technical problems, malicious code, theft, natural disasters...).

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Rudi Florjančič

Rudi Florjančič

Rudi has been a key account manager in our sales department for two years and has in his more than twenty-year career in the field of system solutions accumulated a lot of experience and expertise. He will help you choose the right solution. | +386 2 33 00 123