System integration

Becoming a system house has been LANCom’s goal since its foundation in 1990. During these years, we have advised, planned and implemented countless of medium-sized and large systems.

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What we offer

System solutions that use a reliable framework for the trouble-free operation of your system.

Consultations before investing in IT infrastructure

Consultations before investing in IT infrastructure

Investment in IT infrastructure can be a complicated and time consuming process. Are you concerned about the best architecture for your IT environment, which servers to purchase, what type of virtualization to use or how to set the communication network?

Help and consulting

Our highly trained and experienced consultants can help and advise in the preparation of a strategic plan for the development of an information system in your company.


Analysis and design of IT infrastructure

We provide an overview of the state of your IT environment, find the problematic areas and advise how to improve them.

Analysis and design of IT infrastructure

Sometimes a reconfiguration of components is all you need, to get your system breathing again.

Creation of IT infrastructure

Creation of IT infrastructure

Our experts can prepare a high-availability IT environment without a single point of failure.


Contractual maintenance and system support of the IT infrastructure

With professional supervision and maintenance we can help prevent most problems that arise as a result of defects on the computer equipment itself, as well as those that are related to the human factor.

Contractual maintenance and system support of the IT infrastructure

Our reception center accepts problem reports 24 hours / day, seven days a week.


Most errors in the information infrastructure can be anticipated in advance.


In case of failure of a critical point in your enviroment we provide a replacement.

Our advisors are available

Consulting / Questions / Advice / Help

Miha Jurgec
Sales Director

Miha Jurgec

Miha is leading a highly skilled sales team of ten people. In his rich career, he deepened his knowledge in the sales team of system integrators and international companies, such as Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Lenovo. He is an expert in a wide range of infrastructure and modern cloud solutions. | +386 2 33 00 130


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