Business informatics

Your support in managing business processes. We offer comprehensive solutions from strategic partners and provide access to the latest technologies with the support of many years of experience and professional staff.

Business informatics

What we offer

About the document system

Access, analyse, and browse business content anytime, anywhere. Integrated digital document management has proven to be virtually indispensable, as it solves a key problem for employees who work from home these days. They can work and manage a wide variety of documentation, mark it, send it to each other, digitally sign it and, ultimately, archive it.


  • Paperless business

  • Interactive collaboration in the cloud

  • Digital transformation

  • Lower costs, higher productivity

  • GDPR compliance

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System integration

We arrange a coordinated and connected architecture of the integrated application network, which will increase the efficiency of the workflow and at the same time reduce the operating costs of your organization.



We offer maintenance and servicing of hardware from many manufacturers.