We offer maintenance and servicing of hardware from many manufacturers.


What we offer

Service of server and communication equipment

We have the necessary knowledge for the maintenance and service of hardware and software from various manufacturers. We troubleshoot servers, disk subsystems, networks, archive and back-up drives, and desktop equipment.

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LANCom d.o.o. is committed to the protection of data obtained through remote access to the customer's system. LANCom d.o.o. uses customer data obtained through remote access exclusively to provide additional support services for software and hardware products and is in no case liable for any direct or indirect damage that could occur due to unforeseen additional failures or loss of data as a result of services remote support.

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System integration

We arrange a coordinated and connected architecture of the integrated application network, which will increase the efficiency of the workflow and at the same time reduce the operating costs of your organization.


Security solutions

We establish and maintain next-generation firewalls, endpoint security solutions, and data loss protection systems.