Fundacija Jožeta Jurgeca

In 2014, the company decided to honour the co-founder and longtime CEO. A non-profit institution was created to help young people in need.

Jože Jurgec

Jože Jurgec

Founder and director

1957 - ∞

A visionary worthy of all trust. Close to man. These words perhaps best describe Jože Jurgec. He was a defender of employees and the company, enthusiastic about technology and progress, and always faithful to his principles. What is less known is that he also left a mark in the local community with countless individual and official donations. His motto was: »If you can do something and help, do it right away.« And that is also why his successors decided to create a non-profit institution bearing his name. Jože Jurgec Foundation is primarily intended to help children in social need.

Donation options

1. Funds can be donated on:


IBAN SI56 19100-0011309381



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2. You can donate 1% of your income tax to the foundation:

Personal income tax otherwise lands in the state treasury. You can donate it in the following way: Fill out the form on the website eDavki: http://edavki.durs.si, or print the form and send it completed to the tax office. Donation of a part of personal income tax does not harm the taxpayer (assessment of personal income tax will not change anything), and the recipient benefits greatly.

Foundation purpose

The basic principle of the work of the Jože Jurgec Foundation is to treat cases with compassion and feeling towards a fellow human being. The Foundation is particularly dedicated to helping children from socially disadvantaged families and seeks to help them by awarding scholarships and financial and material assistance (computer equipment). The Foundation's ultimate goal is to enable children and their families to stop thinking a bit about their daily worries.